Crystal Ki healing involves guided imagery techniques accesssing past life and trauma imprints in the subconscious.

Janine helps you to realign those coded memories, releasing triggers, promoting harmony and wellness, and much more.

This is particularly helpful in healing Post Traumatic Stress issues, recovering, repairing and realigning the fragmented parts of the human psyche post trauma.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle that is critical to recovery. Her work is ground breaking and needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.


Everyone of us has what is referred to in the East as an Akashic Record, stored in the spiritual hall of records. This is a collection of data relating to our multidimensional, past, present and future life times.

As we evolve, it is very important that, as multidimensional beings, we take time to access, clear and discover the amazing information held in them. That way we can remove anything blocking our growth and collect energetic upgrades we may have stored in there.

Try to imagine a vast library, the story of everything you ever have, are and will experience in every life time. Accessing the hall of records is a must for all, especially those seeking higher levels of consciousness.


NOTE: This is a remote service, NOT in person.

It is important to harmonize the energy in your home or business with your individual, family or colleagues frequencies.

This can allow for abundance in all areas of your lives to flow more easily into your reality.

Janine will remotely realign the energy grids in your home or business to initiate the maximum harmonic alignment between you and your environment. This is similar to ‘Feng Shui’ but without having to move furniture around. It allows the perfect flow of ‘Chi’ or ‘Ki’ (life force energy) into your home or business, so that your life feels both energized and balanced.