Crystal Ki Mind Detox & Development Programs: These unique programs combine skills used by some of the most famous visionaries of our time including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Diamond Energy Healing, Hypnosis and Quantum Healing. The Post Traumatic Growth and General Self-Help audios also contain binaural beats to help maintain the correct brainwave frequency. Suitable for 18+, (10+ Minors supervised by an adult).

There are different groups of audios for various mind management processes. The first being to help with Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Addiction and cleansing the body of stressful energies. The General Audios deal with Anger, Rage, Sleep Issues, Limiting Beliefs, Victim Consciousness, Poverty Consciousness and Manifesting Desires.

There are 5 specific program sets to help with many other areas in your life and must be used in the correct order, beginning with Program 1 (Silver), 2 (Gold), 3 (Platinum), 4 Diamond and ending with program 5 (Pearl) in each category. These categories include Weight Loss, Perfect Partner, Abundance, Spiritual Growth and Money. 

They are simple to use, all you need to do is sit upright in a chair, eyes closed with your headphones on and listen as I gently guide you through the process of clearing your mind. These audios are the result of 15 years experience in helping trauma victims and I believe they are the most effective Post Traumatic Growth Audios in the world. Used and supported by Purple Heart recipient, Lt. Col Michael Zacchea USMC (Ret). This is what he had to say about them…

“Janine Regan-Sinclair’s treatment has worked miracles in my life, in every respect – my health, my career, my wealth, my emotions, and my relationships. Her program literally changed my life in a matter of weeks. Her audio programs are AWESOME!”  Lt. Colonel Michael Zacchea, USMC (Ret), New York, USA

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Important – Please Follow These Instructions for Audio Listening:

Welcome to these Crystal Ki Healing Programs by Janine Regan-Sinclair. 

Never listen to these recordings while you are driving or operating machinery and I highly recommend that you listen to them with headphones in order to maintain your focus and achieve optimum results.

If you choose to use the recordings at bedtime, it is recommended you sit in a chair rather than lie down, as you may fall asleep half way through the program. If this happens, you will need to start the program again in order to complete it. Most of the programs in this collection refer to using them 2 or 3 times for a week, depending on the depth of your issues. I would recommend using them one after the other in the order listed below:-

1 – Silver Program (use sunrise, sunset or at bedtime) – 25 Mins approx.

2 – Gold Program (use sunrise, sunset or at bedtime) – 25 Mins approx.

3 – Platinum Program (use sunrise, sunset or at bedtime) – 25 Mins approx.

4 – Diamond Program (use sunrise, sunset or at bedtime) – 25 Mins approx.

5 – Pearl Program (use sunrise, sunset or at bedtime) – 25 Mins approx.

The Silver Program– Releasing the emotional baggage and fears stored in the mind and body and in 44 layers of your energy field known as the Aura. Did you know that generally fear is stored in the kidneys, anger, in the liver and grief or sadness in the heart? Left untreated these energies can lead to illness and dis-ease in the body. The Silver program also clears your energy field of lower frequencies using Crystal Ki diamond energy and gives you a trigger word to eliminate stress. 

The Gold Program– Releasing the false and limiting beliefs that hold you back and stop you having the life you deserve stored in 144 layers of your Aura. So many of us believe we are not worthy or that good things only happen to other people. There are so many limiting beliefs that it would fill a book to list them all and explain them. The Gold program also clears your energy field of lower frequencies using Crystal Ki diamond energy.

The Platinum Program– Releasing the negative behavioral patterns and inherited imprints from your parents. Imprints are inherited patterns of being based on experience and create blocks depending on our past negative experiences. We all have patterns of behavior that hold us back in some way, Procrastination is one of the most common ones, it gets us nowhere, putting things off until tomorrow and tomorrow never comes, there is only today, the time is NOW!

The Diamond Program– Releasing the elusive hidden beliefs and changing your reality programs. Hidden beliefs are the most destructive and difficult to find and remove but rest assured yours will be found as your super consciousness finds them for you and facilitates the removal and then enters the hard drive of your mind to change the programs creating your current reality for something better and more productive. 

The Pearl Program  This Pearl program not only alters the programs creating your reality but it removes the patterns and imprints inherited form 7 generations of your ancestral lineage. That’s 7 generation of baggage being released, a huge leap forward in your development on every level.


Weight loss– We all know that weight can lead to a whole variety of illness and even death in some cases. After many years of being a therapist, in my experience, the most common problems causing excess weight issues, appear to be old emotional baggage stored in the subconscious mind and body. Being overweight can lead to depression and isolation, leaving you feeling unlovable, unattractive and lonely. When these emotions are dealt with and released, the weight you failed to lose by dieting is no longer required to protect you or for you to hide behind and you may safely lose weight and feel more confident, attractive, healthier and ready to enjoy life again. 

Perfect Partner– Are you fed up with being alone, no one to hold you and cuddle you at night? Well it’s time for all of that to change. Many people believe that there are no eligible wonderful singles out there. The truth is there are millions of them and they’re feeling the same as you. The only way out of this loneliness is to change your mind and remove these beliefs, and then things really will change for the better. We attract like magnets remember, so by improving yourself, you’ll improve the quality of the mate you attract. 

Abundance– Abundance is our birth right, we all deserve to have it all, whatever all means for you and not everyone wants to live in a mansion or to be a super model, rock star or to drive a Ferrari. Lots of people simply want a beautiful home, nice car and a wonderful partner that loves and respects them plus, money in the bank for some of the luxuries in life. No matter what you desire, this program removes the blocks that stop you creating your perfect life for you; you’re the one to make the changes happen, so what are you waiting for?

Spiritual Growth– Spirituality is about being at peace with yourself and the world around you, just BEING is such a gift in a fast pace society. Achieving inner peace and enlightenment which means being more aware and awake, not sitting in the lotus position chanting all day, though if that’s what you’re aim is, go for it. This program allows you freedom from Dogma and removes the energy of sin from the system. We live in a new epoch of transformation and it’s time to let go of the fear of God and all of the other conditioning we have been led to believe. Feed your spirit, I guarantee you’ll feel so much more balanced and content after letting all of this go.

Money– We live in a world where money is essential to supplying most things and the beauty of this program is that it will enable you to attract more money and to live your life and have more fun. This allows you to have the extra luxuries in life and financial security once the energy starts to flow in your favor and you make the appropriate changes after having been shown how to connect to the inner wisdom we all possess. Watch your life begin to improve and your freedom and personal empowerment grow as you have more money to invest in yourself and those you love. Remove the blocks to building a better life and in return create a wonderful future for you and your loved ones. 

What is Crystal Ki – Human beings broken down into their smallest particles are waves of energy. These waves vibrate at certain frequencies. High frequency = healthy, low frequency = unhealthy. These vibrations are greatly effected by our lifestyle, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Even the food that we eat, music we listen to, and what we watch on TV either raise or lower our vibration. Crystal Ki is a high frequency energy incorporating Diamond light, sound and color and is used in all of the above programs to facilitate well-being. These programs allow this energy to pass through your mind and body, restoring balance and re-energizing your whole system, on every level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Suitable for 18+ only, 10+ for Minors supervised by a parent.

Alpha binaural frequencies are playing in the background of this recording and these may help with:- 

• Learning ability

• Mood elevation

• Provides relief from lost sleep

• Increases creativity

• Enhances serotonin release

• Increases clarity

• Subconscious correlation

• Centering

• Mental stability 

• Increases focus and awareness

I hope you enjoy your journey and wish you love and blessings in all areas of your life.

Best Wishes,

Janine Regan-Sinclair