Janine Regan-Sinclair – The Consciousness Architect

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist/Counsellor, NLP Practitioner, Teacher, Speaker & Author. Accredited by the Royal College of Nursing, Registered Member of The American Union of NLP

Janine is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Medical Intuitive and creator the Crystal Ki (pronounced key) Healing system in 2003.  Known as the Consciousness Architect, she has the ability to help you access higher levels of consciousness, as well as gently releasing trauma memories and fear from the subconscious mind and cell memory. Since childhood, Janine realized she was a service oriented person.  But it wasn’t until she suffered a trauma that turned her world upside down, that her life purpose was made clear. That’s when she decided to leave her 18 year long career in Architecture and chose to become a Therapist, Speaker and Writer. Her testimonials speak for themselves.

Janine Regan-Sinclair is a Teacher at The Academy of Divine Knowledge and you can find out more or sign up for membership by clicking her affiliate link below.


In 2003 Janine Regan-Sinclair formulated a powerful energy realignment system called Crystal Ki Healing. Her system changed the frequency of the energy in and around people, land and buildings, uplifting their mind-set and creating positive change on a personal and global scale. In 2012, Janine wrote and produced a documentary about mental health and addiction. Janine has written and produced a series of books and an extensive range of self-help audios. She also produced and hosted a radio show called Cosmic Truth, merging science and spirituality. Janine is a visionary, a pioneer in her field, a woman on a mission.

Janine – The Speaker

Janine is a transformational speaker who communicates with passion and wisdom to a wide range of people. She has the ability to connect with her audience at a soul level, enlightening their hearts and minds. She inspires the audience to change the way they think, encouraging them to challenge their preconceptions regarding personal lifestyle, well-being and spirituality.

Janine has knowledge of many different healing modalities and teaches personal and spiritual development, empowering both men and women to heal and grow in order access their highest potentials. She also gives talks about Transcending Duality, overcoming the forces of Good verses Evil, Light verses Dark and so on. She shares her knowledge of The Cube of Consciousness, a whole new way of looking at higher levels of consciousness in an ever changing world.


“Janine Regan Sinclair has given many seminars at The Northstar Crystals Events over the last 5 years. She has spoken on a variety of topics to audiences ranging in size from 60 to 200 people. I have found her presentations to be very professional and undoubtedly the audiences feel the same way as the lecture room fills to capacity on her return visits. She will be speaking again at my future shows.” Eric Henderson, Event Organiser, UK

Testimonial: I was privileged to participate in a workshop led by Janine Regan-Sinclair, The Consciousness Architect, who can more aptly be described as The ‘Ascended’ Consciousness Architect.. As a speaker, Janine presents unique concepts that she has refined through years of diligent inner exploration and uncompromising studies to expand our consciousness beyond the limiting patterns of the 3D duality matrix. She tailored her material to the needs of our audience, providing a practical blueprint for transcending duality through the power of the multidimensional mind. She clearly explained how to recognize and overcome problems playing out in everyday life in a remarkably simple way. Janine generously shared valuable wisdom and techniques for living more effectively and peacefully in a rapidly changing—and often chaotic—world. Her presentation was very well received by all participants. I highly recommend her as a speaker.  Sylvia Chappell, Edgar Cayce Centre – Association for Research and Enlightenment of New York Board of Trustees.