Crystal Ki (pronounced key) was formulated in 2003 by Janine Regan-Sinclair, ‘The Consciousness Architect’. Crystal Ki is a powerful Energy realignment System that restores balance and harmony to mind, body and Soul using high frequency energy. When we reduce human beings down to our smallest particles, we are simply encoded waves of energy vibrating at certain frequencies. The higher the vibration, the purer and healthier the mind, body and soul. Crystal Ki healing can be used to help both people and animals. The clearer our environment, the better for all concerned and Crystal Ki can also be used to clear land mass and cleanse property. 

We live in a changing world and Crystal Ki treatments currently offer you the most powerful frequencies possible to aid with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Crystal Ki is a phenomena that needs to be experienced in order to be appreciated.

“To change the world we need to change. We are all responsible as our collective consciousness creates our reality.” Janine Regan-Sinclair